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Le joueur incarne la princesse Arya qui part a l'aventure pour retrouver son prince kidnappé. Le jeu se déroule dans la cité médiévale d'Alenris.

Save Your prince est un jeux d'aventure mélangeant les phases d'infiltrations et d'actions qui a pour ambition principale d'inverser les clichés du prince qui part sauver sa princesse.

L’héroïne se servira des accessoires classiques de la princesse (chaussures et différentes tenues) pour faire face aux obstacles.

Promo : 2018/2019

Install instructions

Unzip the file, double click on SaveYourPrince.exe and enjoy ;)


SYP_Build.zip 680 MB


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I really loved the story (once I had the chance to translate it) and the core ideas are there with some fantastic artwork and design. However the game suffers from two main issues that work together to bring it all down, the camera and movement. The camera's tracking and inability to move independently of the character movement is really awful. It means you have to stop to look around every time, and the 8 second 360 is just too slow. This made it impossible to see anything that wasn't directly ahead of me when moving and slow to respond to anything. Second was the movement speed, pairing that with the camera issues causing needless deaths made retrying really tedious. These could be really quick fixes (I'm not completely sure on that) but it would hugely improve the overall experince.