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In Out of Fix, you play a maintenance robot that activates decades after his ship crashes. Programmed to repair it, it goes through it back and forth to find the repair cores. His path will be strewn with pitfalls due to the dilapidated ship, and local wildlife seems to have taken up residence there.

Finding yourself alone on board, your mission will be to explore the wreck and to travel through its different levels, blocked with more and more obstacles hards to overcome.

The dash which is the main mechanic pays tribute to the game Celeste, while bringing its share of originality and addition in its use.

The project has been made by a group of 5 students in 3 months. The music has been composed by an external person.

Playlist of the OST

Dans Out of Fix, vous jouez un robot de maintenance qui s’active des décennies après le crash de son vaisseau. Programmé pour le réparer, il le traverse de long en large afin de trouver les noyaux de réparation. Son chemin sera plein d’embûches suite au délabrement du vaisseau, et la faune locale semble y avoir élu domicile.

Se retrouvant seul à bord, votre mission sera d'explorer l'épave  et de parcourir ses différents niveaux , semés d'obstacles de plus en plus difficiles à franchir.


Le dash qui est la mécanique principale fait hommage au jeu Celeste, tout en apportant sa part d'originalité et d'ajout dans son usage. Sa direction artistique en pixel art en est également inspiré.

Le projet a été réalisé par un groupe de 5 étudiants en 3 mois. La musique a été composée par une personne extérieure.

Playlist de l'OST

Out of Fix has been made by :

Pierre Morreel - Art director, Game designer, Level designer

Guillaume Leclercq - Animator, Tech-artist, Game designer

Loïc Mouray - Programmer

Martin Delemotte - Level designer

Clément Rigolli - Game Design, Sound design

Many thanks for the musics, composed by François Surma (Link to his soundcloud)

Promo : 2019/2020

Install instructions

Just unzip the file, double click on OutOfFix.exe and enjoy ! :)


Out_Of_Fix_ver1.03.rar 61 MB


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Très chouette projet, et bravo pour les contrôles qui pour un titre de cette sont, je trouve, bien réactifs. Chouette DA aussi. Bref, bravo à toute l'équipe pour cet hommage à Celeste ^^

Merci beaucoup, ça fait plaisir !

(Je vois qu'il manquait un mot, je voulais dire "de cette envergure". Les contrôles sont très réussis pour un titre de cette envergure, donc. Bref, vous avez l'idée :D Bonne continuation !)

(Oui j'avais capté le fond :D
Merci encore !!)

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Here's a speedrun, not super proud of it, but it's something.

Control scheme baffles me: for controller, only analog stick is supported and not d-pad.

Analog is not good for 2d platformer, specially when you have diagonal dashes. I had to use antimicro (keyboard to controller emulator) to make d-pad work. This makes lot of input errors because of it, but it's still way better then analog stick.

And keyboard: space for jump and ctrl to dash. I would just use z for jump and x for dash, much more comfortable and easier for fingers.

But all in all, I liked it. I wouldn't speedrun it if it wasn't good enough for me :P

EDIT: better time!


Oh wow, actually see a speedrun on it is really gratifying ! :o
Your time is not bad, but perfectible :P (despite the bad controls, hmm..), that was very pleasant to watch !

Yes sorry for these controls flaws, I think that's something we might have fixed if we'd have more time to make it, I completely agreed for what you've said.

Video here:

Great game by the way, really enjoyed it, my only really concern is that enemies are more as "paths" to help you beat the game, rather than obstacles, and another concern is that I was having way too much fun with it and was sad when it ended :( LOL

Also made a video on it with some Ideas at the end to explain the more "Enemies are paths rather than obstacles idea"


Hey thanks a lot for this video and the feedbacks, it's really good to see that ! Glad that you've had a good experience on it, and the video was a pleasure to watch :)
And yes sorry for the few glitches (like the fake appearance of the ennemies or the double jump oops)

Nah its fine your all good, that's what indie games are about you know :) 

The gameplay is awesome though so that's what matters to me glitches are something that can always be fixed. 

And the double jump, yeah I had no idea how I was activating that one LOL

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Super jeu ! Très beau visuellement, facile à prendre en main. Bravo

Merci beaucoup !!

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Great work, guys. Hit a few glitches, but still managed to have fun with the concept.

Thanks for the feedbacks, and yeah it needs little adjustements here and there for sure. Thank you so much, your video was a pleasure to watch !! 

Super cool ! gg

Merci beaucoup !

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Hey thanks for this gameplay ! I'm one of the creator of the game, it's nice to watch someone play to it. There are some things to fix up in it (sorry for the bug in the wall), but glad you liked it ! :)

Thank you i'm so glad you liked my video :)