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H.E.L.L. ™ est une réinterprétation des Enfers Grecs dans le futur. Le personnage principal doit s’enfuir. Pour cela il peut retirer sa tête en forme de TV et s’en servir pour résoudre des énigmes.

Promo : 2018/2019

Install instructions

Unzip the file, double click on Demo.exe and enjoy ;)


HELL_Build.zip 546 MB


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While I got the basic gist of the story from rough cognates, the atmosphere was what really hooked me! The vast but enclosed spaces mixed with the lighting, brutalist architecture and awesome sound made for a really unnerving experience. The camera did have some strange issues and the camera cuts weren't all that informative, but enough exploration and trial and error got me thought just fine! Well done!

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It doesn't matter if this game isn't English but still I played this game till end :) Rated 5/5 My Video :)